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Aws Zuhair

Aws Zuhair is an Iraqi photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He received his BSc. in Computer and Software Engineering, MSc. in Communication and Computer Engineering and PhD. in Electrical Engineering. He left his home country and moved to Malaysia for continuing his study

With the spectacular landscape of South East of Asia, where it had a huge impact on his style of photography, he decided to begin his journey with photography

Aws has his own vision in producing images which is: “I am looking for the beauty and translate it to in image”

In 2015, Aws started his journey as a landscape, travel photographer by exploring the beauty of South East of Asia countries. Moving from country to country and visiting a lot of cities and villages to capture the hidden beauty

Aws is a brand ambassador of Athabasca camera filter and as well as in cooperation with YL Camera store

Since 2015, Aws won many international photography competitions and he was a speaker in many international photography events. He also organized and lead a photography workshops


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